23 June, 2011


Hi Everyone
New Friends and Old Friends

Welcome to my new venture that's a combination of inspiring ways and some classes to help out my little man Rainer (who is severely Autistic) and our family in general.
L-R: my boys Rainer and Mackinley

Over time, this blog and the whole concept will be evolving, so please be patient while I get the hang of it all.

My first canvas class is obviously inspired by a number of mixed media Artists who have made a huge difference in the way I see myself as an Artist and creater of "things".
Sneak of first class being offered soon.

Most recently it has been Christy Tomlinson and her 2 workshops; but prior to that there are many others who have simply Inpsired.

Here's a less-than-comprehensive list:
(in no particular order)

Karen Michel
Vivian Bonder
Seth Apter
Corey Moortgart
Claudine Hellmuth
Lotta Jansdotter
Kelly Rae Roberts
Ngaire Bartlam
Jill Geraghty-Groves
Linda Baldock
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
(and I know I've missed some...sorry)

So, I will begin by providing a blanket DISCLOSURE......

ALL my pieces are a direct result from reading their book/blog/website, taking a class or two, watching videos, step x step videos or articles and just generally stalking......as you would in an Art Gallery. Drinking it all in, taking a few notes, then going home. Then at some point one of those techniques or images will work it's way into my pieces.
Butterfly using a crackle technique by Claudine Hellmuth;
Background stenciling inspired by Julie Balzer.

I take great pride in my Art and the classes I offer. There is much preparation behind the scenes to ensure a quality class with quality video and quality support...but not to the detriment of my family (naturally).

I hope you will stay with me while it evolves and grows into some place you'll want to come back to time and time again.

Here's to Creating!!


  1. you know that my name will be on the list for your classes honey mwah!

  2. How exciting, I will definitely be trying a class ot two. Wishing you every success!

  3. oh yeah where do i sign up???
    just not in 2nd half of july please gigi!!!

  4. Woot woot!! Go Gigi!! So up for this!! can I have irl lessons!!
    luv Renee

  5. I'M IN!!!!
    luv what u do Gigi and am hanging out to do one of your classes! x x